Tuesday, October 11, 2011


What a day and it is only noon.
Why do people call and say mean things?
It is just something I will never understand.
I can't decide if some people just enjoy being mean or if it is just their human nature to be that way.
Like maybe they don't realize that they are doing it.
Maybe they don't realize just how hateful they are being.
I want to believe that.
I want to believe that bad.
It is just hard.
I believe everyone is born with a good clean heart, it is how we live our lives that changes that.
Sometimes I just wonder if people got lost along the way and that is all they know.
Goodness, that just has to be a life of misery.
I just wish they would keep to themselves because I assure them, everyone will survive with out their opinion.
Ugh, frustration over.
Life isn't meant to be fair.
I know God won't give us something we can't handle.
But I sure wish he would help those lost people along the way.
I shouldn't be shedding tears today.
Today should be a happy day.

This as my view this morning.
They were picking up someone.
Hailey Grace loves to sit at the window watching for the helicopter.
Sometimes it comes.
Sometimes it doesn't.
It was fairly early this morning.

These beautiful flowers are helping my spirits today.
I know I posted a picture of them already but my goodness, they are such a beauty.

Tomorrow is our big day.

Prayers would be amazing.

We are asking for no visitors until we get Harper situated.

Could be a quick process, could be a long process.

We're praying for quick.

Their plan is to whisk her away from the OR and into the NICU.

There they will monitor and see how she is doing.

Many 35 weekers do perfectly well.

We're hoping she only spends a week or ten days.

Or three days if we are lucky.

She is going to be small according to the doctors.

I'm guessing (hoping) she is 5 pounds 4 ounces.

I'm okay with that size.

5 weeks before my due date, 5 pounds is good.

HG was 6 pounds 11 ounces at 36 weeks 3 days and was projected close to 9 at 40 weeks.

We just have to take all precautions since she hasn't been getting all her nutrients.

The nurses and doctors have also mentioned it would be best for no visitors until she is situated.

Less stress on everyone and they don't have to worry about hurting feelings.

It is hard to believe that one day shy of five weeks in lovely Baylor, our baby girl is going to be born.



No one thought we would make it.

I am looking forward to meeting her.

I know the husband is so excited about meeting her as well.

There is just something about Dads and their daughters.


Oh I love that sisterly bond.

We promise to text/email/facebook/blog lots of pictures though.

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  1. Why are people mean?! I wonder that often. I'm sorry someone was mean to you, and it has upset you. :((

    Best wishes tomorrow and I can't wait to hear all about it and see sweet little Miss Harper! I bet HG is SO excited to meet her baby sister! yay!