Thursday, January 5, 2012

Don't feed the wild animals

HG was given a hershey's chocolate bar after school for part of her snack.
Well Momma had half and HG had the other.
She was nuts for the next hour, my goodness.
A wild animal I tell ya!

We finally got Harper to sleep.
I'm laying in bed eating Target popcorn.
Yes, I really am.
Poor baby yelled from 930 until 1230.
Good times.
It is a little bit of colic, a little bit of reflux, she is still stuffy (even after finishing another round of meds), and a little bit over tired.
Mostly typical baby issues.
Thank goodness for her glider and noise machine with the show.


  1. LOL. That looks like Boyd after eating some chocolate. Those pictures of HG make me smile!

  2. lol- those pictures are hilarious!