Thursday, January 12, 2012

A night away

We have had a busy week around here.
The husband flew back out on Monday morning after being home less than 24 hours.
My mom and Aunt arrived on Tuesday night.
Poor HG, she fought to stay up but Mister sand man had his way.
I headed out Wednesday with the warm sun on my face but was greeted by the cold in Louisville.
I left all kinds of notes, colic drops, swaddles, 9 bottles of breast milk and cans of formula.
We are so thankful that my mom and aunt were willing to make the long 5 hour drive to watch the girls. We aren't sure what we would do without them.
From what I hear, the girls were spoiled.
Very spoiled I tell ya!
They took HG to legoland and Harper stayed up all afternoon.

I flew out to meet the husband in Louisville just in time for the cold to arrive.
It turned to snow today but luckily I high tailed it and caught my flight.
The husband, well that is a different story. He is trying to get on a flight back and find his luggage. Hopefully, he will be home tomorrow.
There was a dinner party out at Kent's ranch for the AC crew. The place is amazing, breath taking, indescribable.
Reminds me of a resort.
We dined on salmon, prime rib and lamb chops.
I ate enough asparagus that I'm sure my pee still stinks.
Ha, but you know that terrible asparagus pee if you eat them.
We saw old friends and made new ones.
It is truly wonderful what this company does for their employees and how down to earth the owner is.

As anyone with a small child is, I was in a mad rush to get home today. 25 hours later, I was in my car. I thought I was going to cry I was so eager to see the girls.  Babies, they are kind of addicting and I needed to love on mine. Today, she is 3 months old but we will talk about that later. HG greated me at the door. I knew she would be fine, she has been staying with them since 18 months. That was the first time I would even consider leaving her.  She was so sweet and missed me terribly. It is definitely easier with the second but I was tearful thinking about her. Everyone survived, the adults were a little sleepy today but we headed out for a great lunch at Bucca Di Beppo. I owe my mom and aunt big time. We are ever so thankful that we have them to watch the girls and that allows me to support Chris in his work. They promised me they would come back. :-)


  1. So glad you were able to slip away for an evening to support your hubby! Your mom and aunt are awesome :-) Hope Chris makes it home safely!

  2. Yes, your mom and aunt are wonderful....that is what family is for, and I'm so glad you have such great support. I'm glad you got away for a couple of days to be with Chris.