Thursday, January 26, 2012

IKEA & Pizza

The baby girl and I headed to IKEA after dropping HG off at school.
Thank goodness for the drive thru Starbucks by her school, I was going on 3 hours of sleep.
I was on a mission today.
3 hours, a few dozen notes, new plates, bowls, cups and sliver ware for the girls I headed home.
Oh, and a train set.
Mission complete.
I had lunch for $4.50.
So cheap.

I showed a house.
HG got her buffet pizza,
I may or may not have had 7 pieces of pizza and a few brownies.
I'll never admit to it.
The rest of the day was playing with the train, wrapping gifts and a Strawberry Shortcake movie marathon.
Crazy amount of birthdays around now.

Busy weekend.
Super busy.
Mom and Scott arrive tomorrow.
Kalli is staying the night.
Mom is playing on Saturday.
The husband comes home Saturday just in time to take me to dinner.:):):)
Playing at the Bells.
Poppy arrives early Sunday.
HG has ordered me a Rapunzel purple cake.

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  1. Happy birthday early! :)

    Love the pictures here. You are doing great with your new camera.