Sunday, January 15, 2012

The girls and houses

Our weekend was full of house shopping and the girls.
We spent all three days revolving our time around houses except for a quick grocery trip and a birthday party.
I lost count of houses.
I lost count of the times we told HG to please be quiet and let Harper sleep.
Please be quiet and whisper or talk quietly when singing Taylor Swift.
We have so many Ipads, computers, Dvd players, etc and did not have a one.
We found houses we loved.
We found houses we just kept on driving by.
We found houses that stunned us by the way people lived.
We found yards that two houses could fit into.
While we would love to stay in Grapevine, it is looking like we will be moving a little west.
Grapevine is so hard to find what you want and when you do, you better make an offer fast and the asking amount.
The husband does not want to go as far as Keller if possible.
BUT would like to be in KISD schools.
We're crazy about education and not very many public systems we will send them.
I don't want to get a bad foreclosure and work my tail off on it.
I just don't have the time and it won't get any better, only busier over the years.
We're hopefully meeting in the middle.
Our first offer on a house did not work out.
I think we were both somewhat crushed.
The house was in an ideal neigborhood and it was so ME.
Very traditional.
But the husband really liked it and had big plans for it.
Unfortunately, we were not fast enough finding the house and making an offer.
It was already put up to be auctioned.
Not the typical auction on the court house steps but rather an online auction similar to ebay.
I laughed when I wanted to cry.
An auction like ebay for this beautiful house.
We don't have time to wait through the auction.
That is why we spent all weekend running from house to house.
The girls were honestly so good.
The first day, Harper slept the entire time.
Like all 6 hours.
Girl was plum worn out from Aunt Tonia.
The next day, she was caught up on her sleep so it was a little more challenging.
But, over all they were great.
We hope one of the houses works out.
Hopefully in a day or two we will know something.
Say a prayer, we are running out of time and don't want to lease a house and have to pay $2000 per month.

Here are a few pictures of our sweet things.

The laughter just shouts through this picture.

Rolls finally!

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  1. Really cute pictures of the girls. :) Love the rolls!

    Sorry that your offer on that house fell through. That is hard when you really find something you love. Praying that something great turns up soon for you. I know it's stressful to house hunt, sometimes fun, but really hard to do with kids in tow!