Friday, January 20, 2012

Third time is a charm

I've always somewhat believed things happened in 3's.
It seems how things roll around here.
Just like this time....
Our third house, our third offer this month.
They accepted our offer.
I can't tell you how excited we are.
More on our new house later but I will leave you with a picture of it.
Many of you know what the inside looks like.
No, it is not a forclosed home.
Helps cook every meal.
She reminds me of Auntie Collins.

Piggy back rides are the best.

Yep, that is make up on the ballerina.

Rolls are here to stay!

The husband works all weekend.

Talk about our luck.

A birthday party tomorrow for Jessica, he works.

A 30th birthday dinner for Brooke tomorrow, he works.

Plus no one to watch the girls.

I hate Mia and Auntie Collins being so far away!

I have our Baptism class tomorrow.

With the way Lent falls this year, we can't have Harper Baptized until May.

We really wanted to do it earlier.

And the Church has it set for a Holiday weekend.

The husband leaves next week and home in time for Saturday night.

We're working on the girls having someone watch them for a few hours.

It is my birthday weekend.

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