Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy Weekend

We've had a busy weekend around here.
I turned 32.
My mom came in town, my dad, we spent the night at the Bells.
HG had a friend stay the night, Mia Dia, the husband came home, picked out paint colors.
Lots of food, lots of cake, even more food.
Harper won't stop talking.
Oh how I love baby coos.
I have spent 6 hours in IKEA since Thursday.
I'll blog about all of it later.
We're running out the door to yet check out more wood flooring.
Oh and to get diapers.
Harper had a blow out in her cloth one at IKEA.
major, icky, yuk.
Thank goodness Ikea supplies diapers.
Thank goodness for Costco and their 9 cent diapers when on sale.

Afraid Baby Addison and Meredith won the stare contest with Harper.

Yes, I know they are on backwards. At least she is wearing one.


  1. Cute girls! You and I should do Ikea one day, if we can do it alone. :) Boyd would really test my patience in there. Oh, and that piece of cake you said you had for breakfast...well I just bought a mini bundt cake. :)

    Happy Birthday!