Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday worn out day

So much to blog about, so little time.

We're still pretty busy around here.

I haven't been to sleep before 1 or 2 in the morning since Christmas.

From trying to make Christmas fit in our tiny place to dealing with the apartment complex to house shopping to the husband working hard on his next project to school starting back up, we're running all the time. Let's not forget selling houses too, life with a busy 3 year old, grocery shopping, the semi sale at VS (oh so many smell good lotions!), travels, etc.

I keep telling the husband I am going to be a home body for a bit when we move.

One good thing to report is we can move whenever. The apartment complex finally realized they are truly at fault and said we could go whenever. Lovely how they just now told us.

House shopping will wear a girl out.....or make her drink wine. We found a house. We found a couple. Some went like candy. Some are too far out for right now. Some were too old. Some needed too much work. We wanted a pool. I am glad we decided against a pool. Say a prayer for us!

School is back in session two days a week. The husband and I were more excited than HG. Dance resumed as well. Debating on Tiny Tots Gym class as well.

HG got a trim today after dance and lunch at Five Guys Burgers. We went to this cute little girl place in Southlake. They spray glitter in your hair and put it on your cheek, she was in love.

The little munchkin is 12 weeks.

Leave it to us to break a house in we haven't even bought yet.

HG tested out all her dance moves.

Then her gymnastics.

Dance class.

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