Thursday, June 13, 2013

Breathing machines & pools

Busy and exciting week over here.
Just as we had hoped to rest from New Braunfels and Liberty Hill, we hit the ground running.
Lots of passed out babies.

HG has mastered her bow.
One proud Daddy that she wanted one.
And yes, she picked out her fish shirt and skirt.

Tuesday, we went swimming with Grandmommy for a bit.
Or as long as Harper could hang.
While we loved spending time with Grandmommy, I think we will skip that water park until HG's birthday party.
We have it rented out. 
In other words, no crazies except those with us.
Like night and day to Keller Pointe and Trophy Club Splash Park where we typically go.

We went to Keller pointe for an hour swim Monday after visiting the Pedi.
HG has a friend she plays with in the afternoons while her mom and I chit chat.
She actually encouraged us to take Harper swimming.
Said the chlorine would help clear her allergies/cold.
Tuesday morning at 5, it hit.
Clear as day.
I've said it many times, you will know when it is croup.
Chris mentioned it to me at 5 am and I said I already knew.
It isn't exactly cool outside so taking her out or riding around in the car would be pointless.
I stuck her head in the freezer more than once.
Fifth time in 20 months.
We ended up with our own nebulizer, our old Pedi believed you needed to be at Urgent Care or ER for a treatment.
Every 4 hours.
Lets just say she HATES the machine.
Girl is strong too.
She is much better, no longer contagious and even got to play with a friend today.
Then the 17 runny diapers began..........
Lets hope that is from the snot, teething and steroids pushing everything out.
She is acting  fine.

I love that our neighborhood has a cat.
Such a loving an friendly cat.

Not wanting to nap, going to town on those molars.

Stephanie and Harper came to play all afternoon today.
Both girls were out like a light at 6:30 and 7.
We had a lot of fun hanging out upstairs in the playroom trying to keep cool.
Steph and Harper are just the sweetest.
She is my fashion girl, always dressed so perfectly.

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  1. I LOVE HG's fish shirt and skirt. Adorable. Boyd has been begging for a bow and arrow. I told him we'd put it on his santa list. :)