Saturday, June 15, 2013

IV's and things.

Things always seem to happen at once.

Not waiting to eat much.
The husband always gone.

Harper love became dehydrated and pooped her way through a box of diapers.
Poor thing is still so burned from all the poop.
We load her up with vaseline and butt cream but still so burned.
She had so many in 24 hours that our Dr sent us to ER.
We were well above the cut off.
White blood cell count was great so no infection. She was a little off on dehydration, most likely that was the issue since everyone around her is okay. Meaning probably not a virus she picked up while at doctor office a couple of times. She quickly (or not so quickly in HG terms) got some fluid, was given gatorade and some goldfish. That quickly gave her enough sugar to begin flirting with all the guys in the building. Oh those goo goo eyes already and rosy cheeks. :)

She is MUCH better today. Ate well, still on high starch until Sunday when we can resume normal diet unless the poop continues. Today, we only had 10 dirty diapers. Such a relief. So much better. She also felt better, still dragging a little from loosing so much fluid. We're hoping to gain the 1.5 pounds back quickly that she lost in 24 hours.

HG wrote a lot of letters that went out today.
They were all so sweet and cute.
Mr. Scott always gets bills according to HG and says they are no fun.
She wanted him to know that it wasn't a bill so he could smile when he opened.
When did she turn 12?

Ran out this morning to Kroger for a few needed things/
We came out loaded down with lots of extra random stuff.
Like ribs for lunch and cupcakes for Father's Day.

While i was loading the dish washer and cleaning up from lunch, HG handed Harper a cupcake that was for tomorrow.  Chocolate on choclate. Harper loved it, might have put me into panic mode for a split second. Quickly, realizing the cupcakes should have been put up out of eye level so they wouldn't have been screaming at the girls to eat them. There wasn't much to do once Harper had gone to town on the cupcake except to bathe her (chocolate head to toe), mop the floor and put her down for a 2 1/2 hour nap.
HG counting her money so she can buy her dream Princess Castle.
She has only wanted this thing for two or more years.
The reviews are terrible, the castle is expensive.
Then Target had this on sale for $50 and free shipping.
We jumped on it.
She says her dream will come true the day she finally touches her own dream castle.

We chased crocodiles and played make up for 3 hours waiting on HG to wake today.

Kitty came to play this afternoon.
The husband has landed and on his way home.
Not before a stop at Freebirds though.
We are all so happy he is home.
Two families are hurting very badly and need your prayers.
The first is an officer that was killed in the line of duty.
He worked to protect and serve and lost his life doing just that.
My heart and prayers go out to the family.
The second hits close to home.
My Aunt's good friend, who she has known forever, friends with her parents, has a mother/daughter bond, lost her 14 month old son last night.
This is a picture perfect family.
Husband is a doctor, wife loved every minute of raising their perfect son.
Over night, in the blink of an eye, he was gone.
At 14 months.
Just when you think you can stop worrying.
You learn about SUDC.
Today even when i least expected the tears, they flowed down my face.
My heart is a wreck for them.
Please pray.


  1. Poor little bug! She looks so sad! Glad she is feeling better now!

  2. HG and those bbq ribs, I love it!
    I know what you are saying, and the times that Boyd was sick the worst, Kevin was out of town. Not sure how that happens, but it always does.

    Praying for those hurting!