Sunday, June 30, 2013


We love having picnics at the airport. Sounds silly to some I'm sure but my girls seriously love it.

Harper walks outside and if she doesn't have sunglasses on, she starts screaming eyes. She needs her shades, says thank you then is perfectly happy. My little Diva.

What is normally a 3 1/2 hour drive turned into 6 1/2 hours yesterday. Miserable.
8 stops. Stopped traffic. Screaming kids. Thank goodness for a little 'dropping like its hot' dance moves, we survived.

Today, we held a lovely baby shower for a sweet friend and her little boy. I love boy baby showers, no pink or purple and everything is so boy. They received lots of wonderful and neat things, so happy to be part of it. So many baby showers lately. HG was able to play with her of her favorite girls, or the twins as she always refers to them. Toni is so good about putting a different color bow or top on them and HG has finally learned which one is which. I was so impressed today when she was telling a guest that was Claire because she had pink on. We love those sweet girls and their curls.

A dip in the pool with Mia, play time with Collins, dinner with poppy and Danielle followed by fireworks. It has been a FULL FUN day.

Good night, tomorrow is another full day and the last day of June.

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