Saturday, June 1, 2013

Garage sales & Ranger games

We've had a lot of fun around here this past week and blogging hasn't been one. Busy follows along with fun but a fun week it was.

School is out for summer.
We went swimming to celebrate.
And play music.

We have been playing a lot.

Ant hunts.

Ranger games.
I was so reminded why we don't have season tickets this year by one single humid game.

Seats were so close and balls were flying.

We walked forever until we found real popcorn.
My girls don't like kettle corn.

The husband and I headed with Meghan/Justin, Stephanie/Justin, Jessica/Jason for dinner at Chill and bowling at Main Event.
I must say that everyone almost hit the floor when my first bowl was a strike.
Such a good laugh.

I will never get enough of rocking.

sticker queen.

Friday needed some water.

Garage sale Saturday.

Wore baby girl out.

Closed up shop around 12:30 due to possible rain.
 It was such a pretty sight.

From garage sales to ear aches, never a dull moment.
I knew all this wind lately was going to someone one.

Monday we spent the afternoon in Weatherford.
We love every moment we spend out there.
Unfortunately, we forgot our camera.
Then I thought I forgot my cell the first 2 hours.
By then, picture time was pretty much over.
Thankfully, the husband's mom snapped great pictures and we can't wait to see those.

It was our first time meeting our cousins, the quads , in person.
They are simply adorable and all very easy going.
We all had so much fun with them.

Girls with grandaddy sporting their Memorial Day outfits.
HG's might be from 2 Christmases ago and she demanded she wear it.

Chris and Logan, his niece who is one of the quads.
We ended up leaving close to bedtime and Grandpa Bell uses Dove
so in the sink she went.
Slept like a baby.

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  1. Y'all do so many fun things! I just love your pictures here. I remember the last Ranger's game we went to we pretty much fried in the heat and humidity. It was fun, but so hot! That garage sale picture where HG is kind of hidden in the chair makes me smile. :)