Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Water Dates & Mass

Nearly impossible for good shots from these divas.
The moods were rough Sunday morning but they were looking good.

During Mass, we found out that our beloved Priest had resigned on an emergency basis.
As in, already left the area for some kind of treatment.
My heart aches for the Church, school and Fr. Ahn.
The kids bounced and waved from great distance at the sight of him.
Her fav shoes lately.
She might wear with everything.

Kall spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning with us.
Make up, back yard, splash parks, pools, far too much terrible food, movies, dress up and very little sleep.
Both girls were already pouting for her tonight.
So nice to have friends that you can send a text and less than 30 minutes, you are hanging out. Almost as if we could read each others minds and knew we needed it.
Boyd, Kalli and HG ran and played hard.
Harper was of course getting acustomed to the water when we were ready to head.

Thank you Boyd and Nicolle for meeting us and for the cute picture.

Always sporting a crack always.
We stopped by Keller Pointe for an hour of real swim with hopes of the girls crashing by 9.
Yeah right.
Today, we headed to the Decker's for a pool play date.
Meghan was to thoughtful to invite us over let us take over and even made lunch for the kids.
We had a good group and everyone enjoyed it so much.

Stephanie on the tramopline with the kids.
She is just the sweetest.
Worn out after a few busy days and Target grocery shoppng.
We're low key Wednesday and Thursday.
Or at least as of now we are.

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  1. I love the picture of Harper on the trampoline!
    We had so much fun with you guys at the splash pad the other day. Thanks again for meeting up with us! We're trying to be low key today, but Boyd keeps begging me to do something. I keep telling him no. :)