Monday, June 24, 2013

Play dates and popcorn

The husband is on a plane heading home early. Praise the Lord, I'm spent this week and it is only Tuesday. The girls have been a mess, two days we have left before 8:30 and home after 5. Then it is a mad dash for dinner, laundry, bath, etc so we can do it all over again. Although we are beat, we have had a blast wearing ourselves out.

Vacation Bible school is a hit after the first day of constant tears. Hailey Grace is eager to go and I love seeing the excitement in her eyes. Only downfall is that it lets out at noon and everyone is starving. As is whiny starving so we have been eating out a lot.

Monday, we headed to CEC after VBS and luckily the place was empty. HG was able to play with a friend she went to school but the girl no longer attends. She and Lizzy didn't remember each other right away buy acted like best friends within seconds. Amazing how our bodies, hearts and minds recognizes people and things when our eyes don't. Ear check ups after, both girls were good. HG was recovering from swimmers ear still.

Tuesday was spent at HG's BFF house swimming then working on baby shower stuff after a ton of errands. The girls were amazed at the massive bag of popcorn. So fun! We went with coconut flavor since summer. I'm super excited to shower a sweet friend this weekend.

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