Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day, birthdays, road trips

Our Strawberries.

The husband made it home just in time to celebrate Father's Day.
HG, she is a little like me when it comes to celebrating and gift.
Chris wasn't even through the front door before she was screaming about what he was going to be gifted.

He got a Yeti cooler and a really neat money clip that says we'll always love you daddy.

Plus chocolate brownie cup cakes and Italian creme cake.
We spent Sunday morning at Mass with the husband's parents followed by lunch at Cozymel's.
Not only were we celebrating Father's Day, we were also celebrating Grandmommy's birthday.
HG planted her a garden and gift cards to Chick Fil A, Red Lobster, Starbucks and On the Border grew in the planted rocks and dirt (aka chocolate). HG chose all the gift cards on her own and proudly presented the gift during lunch.
As you can see in the picture, she also wrapped a special gift for Grandaddy.
It was a Texas A&M wine stopper she was equally as proud of.
Lunch was good, luckily Harper napped during it as it smack dab in the middle of her nap time.

Ice snow cones are a must in this heat before a BBQ dinner.
Ribs, chicken, beans and greens greeted us on Sunday night after an evening working in the yard.

I spy a Princess.

Sometimes I wonder how kids are so smart on the computers.
Then I remember that this was me at HG's age except old school Apples and IBMs.
My dad has baby birds all over his land, praying these make it since in a fern hanging up high.

Baby girl LOVES East Texas.
Outside, outside, outside.
She loves every minute of it.

We headed East around lunch on Monday after we got the okay that Harper was good to go.
My brother and his beautiful fiance were in from LA meeting us in Texarkana.
It was so good to hug their neck and my brother kissed me on the head.
Seriously melted my heart into a million pieces.
Both girls had so much fun seeing them as well as Auntie Collins, Poppy and Danielle.
My soon to be sister in law is so fun with the girls and gets so excited playing with them.
She makes me want to be more playful and laugh louder when playing.
It was amazing watching them interact.
I will post pictures when I get them downloaded.

Really into coloring lately.

Danielle's mom got us an amazing cake to celebrate. 

Humid East Texas weather does wonders for this baby's hair.
Come on curls.

HG made Poppy some redneck wine glasses for Father's Day.
We also found a red solo cup one and a Vanderbilt wine stopper.
Breakfast at Chick Fil A and a two minute play time.

Nice and greasy to love on Daddy.

So nice outside this afternoon.
HG mails letters each month to different people.
Thanks to our monthly Birchbox, she though Big Tex fit perfectly on here.
I'm sure Debbie laughed when it arrived and could almost see HG's excitement in the card.

So nice outside late this afternoon.
Picnics, tea parties, kicking contests, Taco Tuesday and a deep scrub in the tub.

We are home, in bed looking forward to the rest of the week.
Harper and her princess shoes.
From HG's life size Cinderella doll.
She wants to wear them every where.
Then she wants you to smell them.
Seriously, she wants people to smell her shoes.
Who on earth taught my child that?

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  1. I love Harper's cute sundress, and those red curls! That Yeti cooler looks nice and I am sure Chris is going to love it. We have about 12 coolers in our garage, and I'm always begging Kevin to get rid of a few. :)