Saturday, September 14, 2013

Buffalo chicken sandwiches

Another super easy and a crowd pleaser for Football season....or pregnancy cravings.

In a slow cooker, add chicken on the bottom. We used 10-12 chicken tenders, poured 12 ounces of Pete's Original Hot Sauce on top of the chicken then sprinkled a packet of ranch dip mix on top. This cooked for hours making the house smell lovely. The chicken began to shred as the day went on and I continued to cook on low.

I think this dish turned out fantastic and we had been craving wing sauce. Serving it on hamburger buns accompanied with ranch and celery as well as lime chips and queso. The husband of course added freshly sliced Colby cheese and ranch to his then made nachos. I had 3 sandwiches in a matter of minutes, melt in your mouth kind of dish. I also might have had another at bed time as well as a slice of homemade pizza with buffalo chicken on top.

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  1. That sounds wonderful. I make it the quick way with canned chicken and cream cheese and Frank's, for dip and quesadillas, but this version sounds wonderful for sandwiches!