Saturday, September 14, 2013

White chicken chili

This was a hit among our house recently. I used ground chicken, still not sure how I fell about that but it was delicious none the less. Last year, it was done with ground turkey. I posted it last weekon IG but have had many requests for it since.

It is super easy and of course I tossed it in the slow cooler for a bit so the spices could work longer.

What to do

I browned a package of ground chicken and tossed in the slow cooker with a packet of McCormick white chili mix. Then I added 1 1/2 cups of water, a can of drained white beans, 1 cup frozen sweet corn, a sautéed grape tomato/yellow bell pepper/onion mixture and let everything absorbs the spices for a few hours on low and then warm.

It was delicious served over warm homemade corn bread. Hopefully this will bring the fall season a little quicker.

Lots to blog about, just can't seem to slow down enough to blog during the day. By night, I am exhausted. 10 weeks until my daily activities have to be limited so we have daily easy tasks we are trying to tackle before then. 10 weeks will fly by!

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