Monday, September 2, 2013

The things kids say

Kids says the darnedest things.
As we were walking into South irving Post Office, HG announced that we had just entered the ghetto.
Little ears Harper began chanting ghetto over and over the entire time we were there. Over and Over.
Someone asked HG if she really thought it she had entered the ghetto and her reply that it was worst than some Walmarts.
Sunday, Harper pooped on me in the Dollar Tree picking up.
All over my shirt. HG told me in response we needed to buy some pee pee covers because baby Hudson was going to pee in my face since cousin Will did it to Aunt Tonia.  Oh the looks we were given.
HG and Camo 

Pictures from Cristin's baby shower back in June.
Megan finally shared them, thanks Megan!
Megan (Cristin's sister), Cristin, Cristi, Me, and Kristen (Joey's sister).

Baby girl kept saying HEY each time she would fall asleep.

Cooking ribs with the Kroger guys.

Making snow messes

Trying out strawberry cream cheese

Loves hats.

Taking care of Grandparent's house while they were out of town recently.
And borrowing doll clothes.
Teacher gifts, yes we are TOTALLY that family

Southern Belle wearing her adorable smocked bubble.
With rain boots and her silly paci.

Boy stuff is too cute.
Scored this adorable sweater for $7.

Pumpkin Spice latte is back.
Working on Harper's party favors since we are crazy busy until then.
We decided on a small low key party this year instead of a big blow out.

The husband comes home tomorrow night.
He has been traveling the majority of the last few weeks.
He's hunting now then flies to Chicago to interview someone.
We are beyond ready for him to be home.
Just in time for some fun this weekend. 

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