Thursday, September 26, 2013

School days

Things are sailing along smoothly here.

One day, Harper will survive school and the next will be a major fail. We have a couple short weeks left until we will have to try something different. I love this place so really don't want to see her have to leave and try again at a later date or somewhere else.
The husband and I got a dinner date on Monday night thanks to his mother. She came out to watch and feed the girls while we quickly ran to dinner. We really enjoyed ourselves and it was nice not to be tending to kids while eating. Having a hard time deciding as to the dinner stop, we decided on Bucca's. I do love that place and their family style. I snacked on it the next two days and it was almost as good as the first.
HG has been dealing with allergies like everyone else in town. Unfortunately, fluid in her ears caused infections and her right side of her nose is terribly swollen to the point of almost closed. Then throw in the night time cough turned croupe over night, she is a mess today. We kept her home from school today with kicking and screaming. She is line leader this week but we knew over night that her cough had drastically changed. I am one of those parents who keep their kids home at the slightest thought they could pass something along. Not all parents do this or do they have the option to do this. So after my MFS appointment which sent me into a slight panic, Chris met me at hers. Steroids hype kids up so much but they also clear things nicely and get them to where they are no longer contagious. We added a daily nasal spray to her daily Zyrtec before switching to Singular and Zyrtec like Harper.
Baby Hudson was measuring great today and right around 14 ounces on his weight. The average is about 10.58 at 20 weeks so any extra ounces, I will gladly take. My weight gain is perfect, right smack dab where it is supposed to be. I've heard not so nice comments about how I haven't gained a pound. Everyone's body is different, everyone's metabolism is different and every pregnancy is different. It hurts my feelings terribly that anyone would judge another person creating and growing life, doing everything possible to keep the baby safe and sound. I was up 10 pounds this morning after my shower. That is more than I gained on a 3500+ calorie a day diet with Harper and 12 pounds less than I did total with HG. At this rate, I will be up 20-30 pounds at delivery unless I have major weight gain soon. Ideal for me is 20-30 pounds. I want to gain more than not because surgery recovery is much easier for me. What is ideal for me isn't ideal for the woman sitting next to me or down the street. As long as you do everything possible you can for your child, that is all you can do. Why others are so quick to judge, especially other women, I will never know. It just isn't in my heart to judge a woman for their body. My fluid levels and cervix were both measuring great. I did however have a true contraction dring the ultrasound. It was a small contraction, alarming to my MFS, so I will be starting Progesterone again. I will begin with capsules for the second time this pregnancy and move to shots. The shots and Lovenox aren't ideal together so praying the capsules will work. still craving lots of meats so get extra vegetables and fruit through smoothies. 



We got two more dolls from Shelia recently.
One is for our Harper on her 2nd Birthday and the other is for our sweet friend who is turning 3!

When did Hailey Grace grow up so much.
I'm in love with her Nine West boots.

Harper managed to talk me into these shoes.
She is in love.


Doesn't want to take them off.


I bet you all are jealous, she wil gladly come pick out your clothes.

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