Monday, September 16, 2013

Life passing by

I seriously can not wait to dress Hudson in stuff like this.
I won a contest, it got messed up and a sweet person mailed us a TON of stuff for all kids.

Life has been passing by far too quickly.
Our only free day weekly, as in all day free, is Wednesday.
Other days are some fun things like swim, practice, games, gatherings and Church.
Either way, having things each day makes the day seem to go by faster.

Last Tuesday was red day.
The husband and i scored a lunch date last Tuesday before he flew out.
I will miss it this Tuesday as he is in Ohio then Kentucky.
So nice, now just looking forward to dressing up, actually putting on makeup and having a dinner date one day.
Harper still hasn't adjusted to school.
Last Tuesday was actually her roughest day yet.
We aren't giving up.....yet!
Those poor teachers, we will owe them so much.
Thursday, we had an All School Blessing but was unable to attend do to Harper's being able to see me.
A friend said she did well during the Blessing.
She asked to go to CEC after attending Nathaniel's party.
We made a deal with her.....
She can go when she can get through school with only 30% of the day in tears.
Ha, we hope she surprises us but guessing we won't be going anytime soon.

We were outside getting the mail, waving at cars and talking to neighbors.
It wasn't until we came back inside did I see this.
Harper said her hiney was hot.

We got our flight for indiana and have been showing HG the different planes.
She is really excited.
This trip makes everything so real.
Crazy, we are moving to a new state, one we never really visited until now.
Something we know nothing about.
But you know, we are super excited.
Scared and excited
We never thought we would live in DFW this long.
Then there is stuff like do we buy, rent or build.
Buying or building with only visiting the town once could be dangerous.
What if we ended up hating the area or neighborhood.
But do we really want to rent just to move again?
Three kids, various ages, will make moving often difficult.
What if we get there and then need to move to Louisville.
Decisions decisions.
Lets not even talk schools today, that might put us over board today.
Schools are the most important whether we still do private or give public a chance.
Last week, on Thursday the 5th to be exact, i had an appointment with my breast doctor to check out a lump.
This lump is a result of mastitis from nursing or stopping when HG was 17 months or so.
And that one breast is totally different than the other.
Goodness still remains that it isn't anything to be concerned about unless causing major pain.
Bad news, it will be there until surgery to remove and correct the hardened areaa.
However, mentioning another sore spot under my arm, opposite of the breast i go for check ups on.
He poked around and naturally, i pulled back almost holding my breath.
That hurt like the dickens.
Clearly, the area is swollen and he used words like marble and mobile.
Fast forward to last Thursday, 18 weeks pregnant, i had an ultrasound of the area.
Everything looked pretty normal but we did find out I have an entire set of milk ducts in my under arm.
It does explain a lot from Hailey Grace's delivery.
Not totally out of normal but as large as it was, it was somewhat odd.
The Radiologist said he once had a case where the extra set of set ducts where in the abdomen.

Practicing her smile for school 
Sometimes i just want to shake sense into people.
Letting them know they are being played a fool, lied to.
Sometimes i pray they could be a fly on the wall just for 10 minutes and everything would make sense.
A matter of minutes could change their life.
Their opinions.
Their thoughts.
Funny how something so simple could change so much.
But then again as much as I pray daily for this, it is really out of anyone's control.
God will show them the way, he always has a plan for everyone.
Just pray it happens sooner than later, hurt is never good for anyone.
it hurts more when it is someone you care about.

We're working on a big girl room for Harper so the baby can be in her room.
I am terribly sad about loosing a playroom and consolidating toys in their rooms.
So far though, it is working out nicely.
Harper's room has more toys than it should but doesn't look cluttered.
Or at least when the toys are picked up it doesn't.
With moving Harper slowly into the other room allows us to begin a nursery.
Step by step, we will get a few things done.
Baby clothes are starting to be washed and we will hang soon.
Wall decorations are being ordered or planned.
Bedding is just about pinned out and then will be in the process of being made.
I am beyond excited about that.

Camo is home and still doing good.
He does love to eat trash and dirty diapers.
Or randomly bark in the middle of the night.
But over all, we are very pleased with him.
Now, if he can just gain a little weight.

Fall decorations are slowly but surely arriving around the house.
Hailey Grace LOVES to decorate.

Poppy and Danielle came to visit the girls on Saturday for an hour and came bearing this as a gift.
HG was not amused, she hates bugs. HA
People really eat them though!

HG rocking the pool.
Two laps now, rest, two laps.

Harper waiting on her lesson while having a snack during Hailey Grace's lesson.

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  1. The crickets crack me up, and knowing me, I'd probably try one of them! Love all of your fall decor. Your home is always so beautiful! xo