Friday, September 20, 2013

CEC, Legoland, and Parents night

Wednesday, we celebrated back to school and Harper doing much better (half of the day) at Chuck E Cheese. Lucky for us, we were the only ones there until shortly after 11 and one other family arrived. I love empty places! We called Grandmommy the evening before asking her to join us since we hadn't seen her lately. The girls were thrilled as she walked into the fun fill kid place. After 3 hours at CEC, Grandmommy said we needed to run over to Legoland. What a great idea that was. The girls had been, Harper only 3 months at the time, so it was like a new adventure for them both. We got incredibly lucky once again and the place was empty. We had SO much fun, Legoland is really neat. It was such a great Wednesday for us all. No trip to Grapevine Mills is complete with out cookies from Great American cookie Company, one of our favorite spots. We left with a massive cookie cake in hand for Ms Laura's birthday today (HG's teacher).

The husband flew back in Wednesday after leaving Sunday for Ohio and Kentucky. Of course our hearts are full having him home. :)

Tonight, we had parents night at the school with the girls. I love visiting their classrooms and seeing friends. Los Amgios for dinner and apparently the massive rain event began while dining. We were soaked climbing in car only to figure out driving down the street Elmo was sitting in the booth. :( a quick u turn, the husband sprinting through massive rain drops, Elmo was rescued and the employees got a good laugh. Oh the rain was coming down in sheets, much needed rain.

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  1. Rescuing Elmo makes me laugh! We've done similar things a few times. Love the girls in the last picture with those adorable outfits! Sounds like a fun filled day that you guys had. Makes me smile for you. xo