Tuesday, September 3, 2013

School Day 1

This pretty gal had a fabulous day at school.
However, she did not want to wake up but we managed.
After all, she was up three different times during the night.

This girl didn't have the best day.
Up at 1 only to fall back asleep quickly.
Up at 3 only to have a cat nap before my alarm went off.
We were already dressed long before then though.
She cried yelled most of the day at school, didn't eat a thing and only took a short nap.
We are prepared that it will take Harper a month or so to transition.
HG told her that i would be leaving her again on Thursday and this put the poor gal 
into panic mode again.
She fell asleep around 5:30 tonight.

Totally sucked at pictures today.
Cell is totally full so using ig to snap them.
Hopefully by Thursday, we will be smiling again.

Had this lovely lunch, all alone, after a pedicure and before a much needed trim.
No talking, did not know anyone.
Sometime those kind of things are needed.

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