Thursday, January 30, 2014

One week

Baby Hudson is one week old now.
He is pure sweetness and loves to be held.
Our week has been such an amazing one.
Each pregnancy, delivery and baby are all so differnt.
Not to mention already having two extrememly active girls at home.
We are incredibly Blessed that the transition is going so well.
So many people have offered to help and we prepared fairly well.
I have a pork roast loaded with vegetables and diced potatoes in the slow cooker as I type.
It was a meal I put together and froze before Hudson arrived so it would be ready to toss in the slow cooker.
Since I had a C Section and have to take it easy, this was one way I could help out.
I also love getting the girls dressed in the mornings before they are off to their daily events.

This morning, we had Hudson's one week check up.
He is doing great, grew half an inch (20 1/2 inches now) and is an ounce above his birth weight (7 lbs 5 oz).
He left the hospital 6 pounds 14 ounces, down from birth weight of 7 pounds 4 ounces.
So from Monday morning until Thursday morning, he gained 7 ounces. Yes, almost half a pound.
No wonder why my boobies hurt and are just now starting to go down.
My milk came in before we left the hospital and have been very engorged ever since.

Sweet baby Hudson.
Yesterday, I turned 34.
We are having a small celebration on Saturday evening with the girls.
They of course like to celebrate so HG picked out a chocolate cake for me yesterday.
It was delicious.
I also had a sweet friend leave a surprise package on our front door step that totally made my day.
We aren't really strict on their schedules on Saturday so it was the best day to let them plan a party.
Or eat more cake.

Big girl just spotted the cake.

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  1. He is the sweetest! I'm so happy for all of you. What a bundle of joy you have in that tiny baby boy. I'm glad the transition is going well! You know I'm here if you ever need me!