Friday, May 30, 2014

4 months Hudson

Sweet baby boy hit the 4 month mark.
Oh how time needs to slow down.
Months 4-6 are one of my favorite phases in infants.
Hudson is such a sweet, bubbly boy.
He of course wasn't a fan of the shots but both big sisters were waiting to pass along lots of kisses.
Hudson weighed in at 18 pounds with clothes and 17 pounds, 10 ounces naked without his diaper on.
I wonder how many times the nurses are peed on.

I promised the girls we would start feeding baby brother slowly around 4 months.
It was like a bomb exploded in their head that day.
Both so eager to feed Mr Hudson.
We are doing this organic brown rice.
I have mixed in bananas a few times as well as apples.
The apples were a hit.
Avocados will be next once we have one more day with just apples and brown rice.
I am really relaxed and maybe a little old school when introducing foods.
He is a breast fed baby, I don't think he really needs anything extra until 6 or so months.
So right now, we are doing it slowly and having fun with it.
I have one fantastic eater, one horrible eater and didn't do anything different except stop nursing 4-5 months earlier with the horrible eater.
I think he will be a fantastic eater.

Everyone says he is a spitting imagine of Chris.
He is, really he is.
But if I could get my hands on my baby pictures, they would really shock you,
I see my brother and myself SO much on a daily basis.
He looked just like my brother John the first three weeks to me.
Oh my, just like him.
Whomever he continues to look like or grows to look like, I think we have one handsome heart breaker on our hands.

That thing drives him crazy up top.
He yells at it then I move his chair and he is happy as can be.
It kind of bounces in his space.

No worries, he did not eat any of this.
What better way to work on hand and eye coordination than with food.
I mean it would totally work with me.
Oh he melts me in a million pieces.
You put me in here, can you hurry up with my food.
This look is pretty common.
As Heidi calls it, this is his unsure look.
We like our bananas ripe around here.
This one wasn't very sweet and he wasn't sure about it.
I personally thought the banana was horrible

We seriously can not believe that just 4 months ago, we brought home a tiny baby who had dropped below 7 pounds. Seriously, he was so small (our biggest) but still tiny in our hands.  At four months, he is not sleeping all night.  Many nights, he will go from 8-2:30 and then nurses twice before waking in the morning. This past week, he has been up each hour. I am not sure if a growth spurt, ears still hurting or teething.  He isn't fussy at night, just up. Could just be part of the 4 month wakeful period.  Either way, the lack of sleep is rough dealing with the two older ones who go nonstop but I know I will miss it soon. I know I will miss the snuggles of him being small and finding comfort in my arms during the night.  The good Lord has blessed us in so many ways and we thank him daily for this. Hudson is truly amazing.

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  1. That first pictures makes me smile so much! You are a blessed and beautiful family!