Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yard signage

Before the kids and I headed out of town,  HG had some mommy time. Big girl pedicures and Subway.

She loves pedicures.

She is a monkey. Not sure how but she stayed in this position and watched Caillou.  
HG's Spring Musical lastThursday created a late but fun night for us. We saw friends, dinner with the in laws at one of our favorite spots and finally asleep at 11pm . Whew! Little did we know we all would be woken up at 6:45 by our neighbors dog. 
We love these kids, so special.

It is for real y'all so all those who said it'll never happen, it did. We have already had one call on it and the house isn't on the MLS yet. Sweet!
He loves this game.
Chris and I had lunch at Johnny Carino's on that Thursday as well.  I ate my entire loaf of bread and Spicy shrimp and chicken. So delicious, so bad for you!
Growing up too fast.
poor baby.
Big boy clothes, monogrammed clothes and seersuckers are close to my heart. Oh and bow ties. 
We were off to a wild and crazy weekend in amazing weather. I managed to stop with the kids at the same place a charter bus full of elderly people headed to the casino. The lines to the toliets and check outs were sooooo long. Sooooo long. Thank goodness for our red travel potty and a breast fed kid in times like that, both can be done without any effort and everyone stops screaming. 

Loaded and ready
Playing at Poppy's
Sleeping at Mia 'a
They love Uncle Chip.
Copper who will be 14 years old on May 20.

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