Friday, May 2, 2014

Amelia Island

The husband and I recently escaped for a few days with the help of our families.
I was pretty much set against going but with everyone's help, we all made it possible.
We were very thrilled for some adult time alone which is a very rare thing with all the traveling he does.

With Hudson being so young, he turned 3 months just as we were heading out of town, I am still nursing him.
As Chris puts it, a Victoria's Secret commercial is nothing but a buffet commercial to him.
I prepared 30 pumped bottles and supplied plenty of supplementing formula.
Hudson was given a bottle a day as well in preparation.
He stayed in town with the husband's parents and was spoiled every second I know.
Friends even stopped by for baby smiles and giggles.

The girls are pretty easy at 2 1/2 and 5 1/2, one bag between the two of them.
They bounced a little between Mia, Aunt Tonia, Poppy and Danielle.
They spent the majority of the time in Batesville loving every single minute of it.
My dad, aka Poppy, even drove them all the way home on Thursday night and then drove home.
Amazing the things our parents will do for us even when we tell them no. :) My parents and sister have such a special bond with Hailey Grace since we lived in Texarkana for 9 months.

Back to Amelia Island.....
I love Florida, that is a given.
This is a place I had yet to visit but can't wait to go back and actually soak up the island.
We were  on a conference you see.
Stuff beginning at 7:30 in the morning and lasting until early hours of the morning.
Yeah, we didn't hang this year.
As a matter of fact, we both got sick.
Not pretty.
Even arriving home, I still wasn't fully back to normal.
It hit Chris first then myself about 8 hours later. 
We still made the best of the trip and glad our babies weren't all suffering a stomach bug.

What we saw of the island was beautiful, very laid back and family friendly.
The sand was full of seashells and a little darker than the panhandle.
Sand Dunes held turtles sitting on nests and various creatures.
The Atlantic Ocean was cold.
From Darius Rucker to dinners on the beach and alarms set for every 3 hours, we enjoyed our time away.
Yes, I pretty much stuck to the every 3-4 hour pumping schedule.
Even during the night except for this long stretch from 9:30/10-3:30.
But you better believe we went running to our babies.
Just the sound of their voices sent our hearts racing.
Oh it was so good to get away for alone time but oh it was so good to get home to our babies.

Darius Rucker Concert

His version of Purple Rain was unbelievable. Amazing!

Late night

Our view.
Chris relaxing.
The girls wanted pictures of us each night before our events.

Chris looks hammered but I assure you he isn't, the flash was bright. I am also pretty sure he was drinking water.
On the beach looking back towards the Omni where half te conference was.
Testing the cold water .
Nothing like a good poolside drink.

Little big town.
We hung out with them at the pool before we realized who they were.

I would recommend Amelia island to just about anyone. That area of the US has tons of great golf courses which reminded me of Hilton Head.

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