Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Traveling friends

We were lucky enough to spend some time with dear friends today. They had been traveling on vacation for a week and ended up smack dab in our area. Any visit with the Boatrights is awesome. 
10 month old Landry and 3 month old Hudson
Harper and Landry eating puffs. 
Puffs are still one thing Harper will eat and are a life saver in Mass.
Sweet precious little ones. 
Poor Bruce.
Tyler and HG were just thrilled to pick him up.
Harper and this dog bed.
No worries, the only dog that has been in it is a stuffed dog.
The swing set that will be taken down very soon.
Harper survived a big swing today.

Babies are so fun.
Love them.
Hudson was entertaining with shoving his fist down his mouth.

She was SO proud. So Proud.
Cristin is also Harper's Godmother.
We love them dearly, now if they would just move with us.

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