Friday, May 9, 2014

Parks and Play dates

We are packing in play dates and fun outings as much as I can handle. The husband and I returned last Thursday from Amelia Island then hit the ground running. 
Pure sweetness
All monkeys back together.

He is pretty silly.
Uggs and beanies for 90 degrees at the park.
Lots of park days.

He has boobs. :)
They refuse to leave him alone.
We always put them in backwards until they can sit up unassisted. This way, he can lean.
Our sweet friends came to see HG's last game.

So peaceful 
He is so funny with his expressions.

Jump street with good friends.

Dinner dates.  HG got unsweetened tea in her own cup. (We shared it)
 The kitchen is ready for the weekend.
Squeaky clean grout and tile.......for now!
Love this.
Melt my heart.

High maintenance dog.
It is for real y'all. Kindergarten soon. I am a wreck. A wreck I tell ya. Where is she going? No idea. 
Small cakes in Southlake after school. 
Hudson's first trip to the indoor pool.
She had a try out for a 3-4 year old class tonight and whooped  some tail. So good to see her back in that pool after not being able to participate for four months. Then she proceeded to strip down and ride home naked with her pacifier. Showing off was hard work . 
Yep, she is still naked.
Yep, I cleaned the counters a couple times a day.
Yep, she jacked his bottle and finished the breast milk.
What a toot.
I knew it would only be a matter of time before Harper and Hudson could share clothes. She has been sporting his pants lately, short but perfect in the waist. 

The husband has been in NYC and then heads to Kentucky. I will be so glad when he is home.  I've had people in and out the last two days while juggling grout cleaning, play dates, house cleaning, etc. I was so thankful for a house keeper to clean all our windows and bathrooms. All the pollen has given me quite the migraine today and no time to slow down. The house is squeaky clean, I am sure it won't last until the first showing. As I opened the door today, a couple was standing there wondering which day they can view the house. Exciting!

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