Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Swim camp

We are deep in swim camp right now .
With Harper's surgery and Hudson's arrival, we took the spring off. Now, we are knee deep in a swim camp for two weeks straight. This is something new for us as we typically do weekly lessons. Over all, is basically the same number if lessons but swim camp is quick.
Harper is in a group of older kids, one almost 4 and the other 4.
HG has one other girl in her class and us swimming the same one as the fall lessons. We had no other option for classes so decided to repeat it. She mainly works on endurance this week. I can't wait for that mile swim with her in the future.  :) 
She is so tiny out there .
HG rocking the pool.

Yes, we are trying to cram everything in before our move in just a few weeks. Twenty six days until moving week. 

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