Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day

We were able to spend part of Mother's Day with both of our moms. I felt this was important as we are moving in just a few short weeks and are almost booked solid until then.  Next year, we will be miles and miles away so I scheduled us in their busy schedules.

First, my mom came over Saturday. The girls go crazy over their Mia. Hudson loves her cuddles and saving him from the wild girls. I had a baby shower most of Saturday so she helped Chris with Harper, then they picked up HG and we all juggled house showings until 7:45 that night.  We loved every minute of her time here. After lunch at TXRH Sunday, she headed home to spend the rest of the afternoon with Auntie Collins. 
Most of the weekend was spent wiggling this tooth. 
Sunday after the kids had a late nap, we headed to Mass in Irving with the husbands parents. The kids were thrilled to see them even though Harper did not make it through the service. We do MUCH better in the morning masses, it is witching hour for us after 5. Grandaddy treated us to BBQ after Mass which put a major smile on HG's face. Girl loves some BBQ. I am sure Harper ate crackers, imagine that.
My babies, they carry my heart everywhere they go.
Have I mentioned I love little boy clothes?
Sweet Harper love 
Beautiful Hailey Grace

Because I give her ice know since we eat ice cream often. Ha!
The girls made lots of cards for me this year at school and Mrs Dayle's.
TXRH had a great set up for the kids. We came home with kites and puzzles.
Notice HG's beautiful dress up dress.
We all lost that battle. 
Oh well.

Here we are mid May, showing our house, gearing up for the girl's going away party and Hudson's baptism. Our hearts (and schedules) are over flowing.

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