Tuesday, November 18, 2014

October '14

Here it is middle of November and still catching up from October. Will I ever really be caught up? 

October flew by and we kept busy.
Swim is now Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays. I am so over swim until she is older. It is really hard for me to drag the babies up there until 7:30-8 at night then do bedtime routine. Harper and Hudsonvlike being in bed between 7-8 since our days begin early for school.

Harper loves pancakes, anywhere with pancakes (no butter or burnt spots) so some days we have them for lunch.

She got to sleep with Momma one night but wanted to go back to her room after she fell asleep.

Best smile ever.

If you have your phone out, she will want a selfie.

Such a big girl going to real school.
I am not scared to admit that the colder mornings, I dread school morning. It is so cold and the babies don't want to be in it.
Lots of wearing curls.
Harper did a month of nondairy items.
Goat milk, silk yogurt, etc. 
Much to our surprise, she really liked the goat milk and we might be switching to it full time for her. The only down fall is how expensive it is. 
She is now back on full dairy.
So grown up.
Lots of doctor appointments, two surgeries and snotty noses.

Learning to make beds.
Lunch date with Daddy for Mexican.
Don't get excited, she only ate chips.
We love gymnastics.
Love it.
We go to a very informal place and works perfectly for us.
Harper actually just got signed up for another class, on Mondays. This will give her something to do during the day in the colder months.
She loves boy underwater.
Actually, she loves underwear in general.
That is what she always wants at Target.
We had a lot of fun celebrating Halloween.
Notice the ear rings....no, her ears are not pierced.
Tons of evenings at swim.

October came and went quickly. Our neighbors told us that was when the cold would arrive, at Octobers end. Yes, they were right. 18 degrees and windy at the bus stop recently. 

Thank you October for being so great to us.

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