Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Allergy testing Hudson

Sweet Hudson had a bad reaction to the flu shot during his 9 month check up recently. Our office does Preservative-free Quadrivalent 4 strains of flu and almost instantly, he was breaking out in a horrible rash.
The reaction was very quick sending nurses and doctors in checking on various things.  Harper was such a sport and the nurses were amazing treating her with snacks. It was a long ordeal.

Almost a week later, he had another reaction while eating pancakes at IHOP. We don't include eggs in our pancakes at home so pancakes have never been an issue. Once again, bad rash and extremely irritable. 

This is right after the prick before the waiting began. You can see right away that the egg yolk and flu shot had reactions without having the wait.  The egg white was almost no reaction but he still has to stay clear for now.  Ideally, you are supposed to stay off antihistamines for 3 days before having the testing done to get a good read. If you have taken any, it can hide the symptoms and not give a good read.  Hudson had been on Zyrtec with in the 3 days as well as Benadryl around the clock since yesterday.  So clearly not the perfect environment to test in but we decided to give it a try and plan on coming back in 3 days to retest if it didn't react just to be on the safe side.  Little sweetness  still reacted to the prick test. wondered how bad the reaction would have been without the Benadryl help.
Poor Hudson will be on an egg free diet, we will have to carry an Epi pen and will follow up every 6 months. As he gets older, the allergy could grow worse or it could go away. We would all love it to go away of course so we can chow down on some eggs with Hailey Grace and Daddy. Harper and I stay clear of them.
He has had some cake with eggs in it but basically we were told that sometimes, he might not react.  Like eggs cooked in muffins or a cake, the eggs are basically cooked beyond the basic scrambled eggs.  He could have cake a few times and not have any issues but then react once.  Scrambled eggs would cause big issues.  With the egg whites not really reacting, those might be an option to do in the future.  Egg whites are the only thing his momma can tolerate and even then, not lightly.  So when I crack an egg to cook or add to brownies, I can't tend to Hudson until I have washed my hands really well.  Thankfully eggs do not stick around like peanut butter or other things.  

So as we introduce new food to Hudson, we will be reading labels and avoiding eggs.  I think finding out this young, even if it is an allergy that stays with him forever, it will be handled much easier.  We will learn quickly what items have eggs and which ones don't.  Of all the allergy issues any of my kids could have, eggs is not one we ever thought about.  We are also thankful it is not a severe allergy.

You think eggs...seriously, eggs....

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