Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 Indiana

Thanksgiving was low key around here.  We debated on driving to Arkansas for a visit and a little hunting but no one was going to be around so we opted to stay home.  Texas wasn't even an option in our minds due to having to drive shortly after Christmas.  That drive is brutal without kids and weather.  Is it bad that we are dreading the drive down south?
The husband previously told me he wanted a Mexican feast for Thanksgiving Day but the day before changed his mind.  He indeed wanted a traditional Thanksgiving meal so I braved the grocery store to get the preparations needed.  

Thanksgiving morning snow.
Watching the flakes.
As I was putting Hudson down for his nap, Harper busted in the room in this.
No wonder what it is never quiet around here. :)

I am sure she wasn't getting her way at the moment. :)

Three sweet children sitting at the Thanksgiving table next to the 9 foot gold Christmas tree.

Lots of food for us.
HG ate most of the items.
Harper wouldn't touch anything.
Hudson couldn't have anything with milk products or eggs in them.
This left a ton of food for Chris and I.

Ham, green beans, corn, baked beans with a fruit squeeze pouch.
Then another vegetable squeeze pouch.
Harper had tons of fruit, ritz crackers, bacon and dinosaur chicken nuggets for her Thanksgiving.
We are still in the it isn't what she eats that matters, only that she does indeed eat. She could still go days without eating.

Popcorn and movies for Thanksgiving evening followed by early bedtime.

 Love our precious little family.

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