Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Halloween

We're ending the day with snow, strong winds and below freezing temps.

After every costume worn, we have glitter everywhere. 
We opted to give up on trick or treating after 45 minutes braving the weather with the girls. Beer taco Chili, popcorn and a movie kept us warm.
Little man wasn't feeling too hot today nor was he digging the freezing temps.
Trying cornbread, a Halloween staple for us. 
Oh Elsa and her fur.

It was so cold that we put on fleece sleepers under the costumes. The wind, that can make it go from cold to dangerously cold in no time. 

She loves selfies.
Oh Doc McStuffins
Happy Halloween from our crew to yours.
More like it.
Sweet Minnie Harper.

Snow on Halloween, how fun and cold.

I can not tell you how many Elsa's I saw. I love original or classic costumes......maybe next year!

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  1. The kids look so adorable in their costumes! Really makes me miss you guys! And, that snow. Crazy!