Sunday, November 30, 2014

Croup, RSV and Bronchitis

This pretty much sums up our week before Thanksgiving here. I even kept HG home twice in 10 days.  Croup, RSV, and bronchitis.  Happy to report that the pertussis swab did not grow enough bacteria (or whatever it is they grow for that) to be considered positive and everyone needing treatment.   In one week, Hailey was at the doctor twice, Hudson four times and Harper three.  Only once did two of the appointments happen at the same time.
Don't you love smile when you see him?  He is seriously one of those kids that you just have to smile back at.
Yep, I am in for it.  He is walking from thing to thing.
Poor baby was down.
Back at the doctor after a week on Omnicef for bronchitis/sinus infection and adding steroids this day.

Who doesn't love a big box?

If you look closely, the geese are standing on ice on the pond.
Always needs a bath after eating.
Doesn't get any sweeter.
We disinfected the entire house, even the blinds and baseboards.
Already yelling at the tv remote.

Hoping the sickness stays away after a deep clean of Hailey's school this past week.  Her school sounded horrible.  Kids in her class were having coughing fits.  Like bad coughing fits where you know they needed medicine.  Poor kids and poor teachers!

Now, we're working on 3 teeth coming in.

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