Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Grandparents visit

The husband's parents came out to visit for 6 days in October.   The girls were squealing with glee as we waited on their arrival marking off days on the calendar. I think all three kids gave them quite the surprise with how much they have grown, especially Hudson.

Harper painting her pumpkin for Halloween.
The fall colors are amazing up here.
He is such a hoot, we all played and played.

We don't have as much room or a guest room in our rental here in Indiana so I grabbed this cute little toddler bed.  The girls argued over who got to sleep in it each day but it worked out perfectly when we have visitors.  Come to think of it, Harper is still sleeping in it.
You know it was a good family meal when you have to leave the restaurant in socks, a diaper and hoodie.

We even got a date night thanks to the husband's parents for watching the kids.
I tend to cook most meals so the night out, without dishes and mopping is the best treat ever.

Little boys are simply amazing.
We sported our Halloween gear for Grandmommy

Harper loving on Granddaddy
Hudson is not fit for a pack n play.
At all.
Reason #2 I picked up the toddler bed, he had to go back in his bed.
He was all over this thing, torn a hole in the mesh around 3 just scratching it.

The first night they arrived, the girls and I had planned on a big Thanksgiving meal along with a birthday celebration for Harper.  We prepared the majority of the stuff the Sunday before, froze it and thawed it Wednesday morning.  Instead of a ham, the husband wanted a mississippi roast, one of his and Hailey's favorites but we have most of the traditional side dishes followed by a Minnie Mouse cake.

Harper is in love with Selfies.  This night we celebrated Thanksgiving, her birthday party and had a lot of fun so she wanted to remember it forever.

While we mainly hung out at the house when the husband's parents were in town, we really enjoyed their visit.  The kids had been sick off and on, two sets of tubes, the restaurant opening, etc, it was incredibly nice to have an extra hand.  My father in law was always the first to jump up and do the dishes.  I can't tell you how incredibly thankful I was for a simple task like that.  It was amazing!

We love having family visit and see where we live now.  Each visit is always so special and can't wait for the next.  Now, we are on the count down for our visit to friends and family in Arkansas and Texas. It will be a fast, busy and exciting trip to see everyone.

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  1. I am sure the kids loved having their grandparents come for a visit! Love Hudson in his little jeans. He is so sweet!