Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Party

Many of you know how difficult our public school is here on rules and what is allowed.  While you get private education for public price, you pay for it in other ways.  No Holidays of any are allowed in the schools.  Not even mention of it.  The teachers can't have conversation with the children about Holidays unless studying about the different holidays.  Don't even get me started on religion and God in schools.

With that, we were not allowed to do a Christmas party but they decided on a winter party with strict guidelines.  You could not do anything that dealt with Christmas (no tree, wreath, elf, etc), mention the Holiday or bring food.  It was hard coming up with ideas that did not involve Christmas at all that all the children would enjoy. Lets add that only 2 moms besides myself were on the list to get into the school.  So if you were to show up during party time to see your child, you would be denied entrance to the school. Crazy.  Since it snows here often, Hailey Grace and I thought a snowman party would be fun.  After the teacher agreed, the girls and I went into party mode preparing early for the little party.  I am so happy we did since sickness came beating down the doors this week.  Hailey Grace normally has 22 kids in her class but very few are making it to school this week with all the sickness around.

Finished up a little after 11 last night putting it all together for the parents able to help.

I might be a little too organized sometimes.

We began painting the snowman but opted to hot glue ones on there.

Snow Doh has been a big hit around here.  2 cups of corn starch and 1 cup of cheap conditioner.  We added silver glitter for the party.  Makes perfect snowmen.
Do you want to build a snowman?
This age loves hands on.

Snowman ball toss

Snowman coloring books for each child

Snowman bowling as well as another snowman toss game.
  Think tossing the ball into the goldfish at the fair,
that is the second toss game minus the fish.
Each month we do teacher appreciation stuff for the teachers and staff.  Previously, we have always had a great turn out.  This month however was different.  I am guessing because of illnesses and Christmas but it makes it extremely hard on those who have to pick up the slack who are dealing with the same issues.  While the kids were napping and the kitchen was decontaminated, I made 6 more of these for a total of 10.  So thankful that I could dump the ingredients in the kitchen mixer yesterday and it took care of mixing.  Yesterday, each one was home made. All six.  The 4 previous were half and half.  I went with chocolate chip for each one trying to be safe and nut free.  On Sunday, there was still a need for 37.  I pray that others stepped up and helped out.  It is easy, simple and we have a list of everything when signing up for room mom.  I am happy that 10 teachers will get to enjoy some yummy chocolate chip cookies from me.

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