Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas in Indiana

We're wrapping up our Christmas here in Indiana gearing up to enjoy the Holidays with our families. It will be a quick, staying away from germs and staying in kind of visit.  

Hailey lost a tooth on Christmas Eve.

The tooth fairy left her $5 and glitter since it was Christmas. And that might have been all she had.
They must have been good.

Hudson is in love.

Poor Hudson went from flu to a mouth full of teeth coming in. Our day began at 4 this morning trying to console his hurting top teeth.

How we managed to fit all this plus another large red bag into my Tahoe is still a mystery. 
I found my Bjorne and since he is down a couple of pounds from the flu and teething, I threw him back in today.

It takes up a whole entry!
Everyone loves the Doc Mobile.
Meet Daisy, the closest thing to a real kitty that we could do.

Oh the towns in Arkansas.

Another day, another stuffed Tahoe.

Hudson just wanted to party all night. Finally falling asleep at 12:30 then up at 1,3,4 and 6 for the day. Oh how our visitors will love us. 

Harper and her Princess bed as we call it.

We have made great timing on this long trip. Seven driving hours yesterday and four driving today. We stop a couple of times but managed to keep things quick.  We left shortly after 4 (Indiana time) and got to the hotel around 10:30 (central time). The kids typically get in bed 7-7:30 but our plans of them sleeping did not work out. Funny how that happens. 

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