Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter time germs

Hailey's school has had a horrible upper respiratory virus circling around it since early October. We've caught it once and was doing well until this past weekend. 
Saturday afternoon, she was running 103 and going down quickly. Sunday greeted us with 102, Harper unable to swallow and Hudson had his cough for a week.   I decided to load them up for a kid express clinic on Sunday mornings. While they were very nice, they were extremely over whelmed and basically just testing kids for flu.  Harper checked with no strep, Hudson needed antibiotics to prevent pneumonia and HG was deemed with the horrible respiratory virus again.  Next stop was the store for $90 worth of medicine for 3 kids.
This morning, we woke to this. I took it twice to be sure.  Frantic, I phoned the doctor while giving her loads of medicine and a cool bath. After an hour, it was lowering and down to 103. We were told to watch each hour.
Yesterday, she was practically carried to the bath to bathe before yet another doctor appointment for 104.4 and 105.1 temps. After a little noise in her chest, an X-Ray showed pneumonia in her left lung. No wonder why she crashed so fast. 
This afternoon, we are circling between 101 and 103 so doing much better. Prayers please that it stays below 105 so she doesn't get admitted today. Also that Hudson's chest remains clear and this doesn't develop pneumonia for him.

Poor girl couldn't lift her head.

So thankful for all the calls to check on sweet Hailey. My family has been on stand by for flights since yesterday.

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