Sunday, December 7, 2014

Indianapolis Children's museum

The kids and I joined Hailey's Girl Scout group for Target free night recently. We weren't aware it was free night until shortly before the event. We still loaded up and headed down south to enjoy some fun. Or at least try.

We arrived 90 minutes before we were due to meet the other scouts so we could explore ourselves. In that amount of time, we were finally in the parking garage, saw one area based on China and took a bathroom break. The museum was that crowded being the Holidays and free.
The girls flying first class from Indianapolis to China. 

The kids thought it was great.

Harper driving a race car. She thought it was the coolest.
Looking down at the 45 minute wait for a short slide. We did not wait and I had some very unhappy kids.

The girls caught fish.
Harper decides to take off her Minnie Mouse costume after a couple of hours.
She might have cleared that wall and touched the bear.
More fishing.
The kid in the Camo pants nailed Harper right after this. Hit her with his fist, then pole and then body slammed her. Neither had spoken to each other before the incident. 
On our way out, a huge snow globe.
Baby boy looked adorable but was beyond exhausted. We did not get home until 8 even after leaving the museum early. Exhausted was an understatement. All 3 were crying big tears.  Our days begin early so our evenings end early. 

We can't wait to visit the museum again and look into a pass. The place is huge and so much to do. I would highly recommend visiting if you are ever in town. Week days, non Holidays and Sunday mornings are the best times to visit.  We won't be back on free night anytime soon, probably never.  I was speechless at the bad behavior we saw. Kids younger than Harper saying really bad things and it wasn't the oops, a word was repeated. Adults fighting over slide line and a castle play area. Yelling everywhere from adults. I told Chris I did not feel safe, so we left. I drug three crying kids into the darkness where I actually felt safer. 

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