Sunday, December 7, 2014

ER visit for Harper

Friday after school, we made a quick to the store for fruit. That is all we were buying except asparagus. We fly through fruit so it was just another day being at the store.
Hudson was asleep in his Bjorne, HG was walking and Harper was sitting in the front of the cart. It was raining and had been snowing or raining for two days straight so the cart was still a little wet after I dried it.  Harper, being Harper, wanted to get her own apples and tried to get out. I spanked her hand, told her to keep her legs in the holes and sit down that I would wheel her to the apples. As I turned around to grab basil, I hear this enormous thud. Then I see people running out of the corner of my eye. Thirty seconds or less people. I quickly turned and Harper was screaming by then. She leaned too far over and fell head first into the concrete. Three ladies assured me that her legs were in the when she began to fall, they were that close to us.  As you can imagine, it was a pretty scary experience for us and those around us. Head trauma is nothing new for Harper or us and we stay pretty calm. This was different. She couldn't stay away. They called an ambulance. I had all the kids and Harper wasn't getting in that ambulance alone so I loaded her in my car in record time. HG kept her awake and we drove behind an officer to the closest hospital. I thought Hailey was going to cry at one point because she couldn't keep Harper awake so I told her to lightly shake her car seat. 
It is hard to see but she has a large bump, 2 inch by 1.5 inch on the top of her head and another small one on the front along the hairline.

They rushed us in, Chris met us there shortly after arriving.
An hour after her fall, she broke out into hives. They are still here today.  
Waiting on CT results.

Here is how bad they are today.  We have a follow up tomorrow for her head and will hopefully get some answers. I don't think hive rashes will really get like this after a head injury.

Saturday around lunch, she once again hit the top of her head smack dab here her shiner was. This time, she under estimated the height of something. Today, she fell and hit the back of her head. Poor girl has quiet the head ache going on.

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