Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Breakfast with Santa

I had planed on being in Texas this past weekend up until the very last moment.  Like very last moment. Like a day before I was to leave, I was still trying to decide what to do.  Chris' ended up not being able to keep the girls so there was no way possible I could make that trip in a weekend.   I was extremely sad to be missing some incredibly sweet friends marry.  Hailey Grace begged and begged to go, she LOVES this precious family.

Since the husband is working the around the clock right now, I was thrilled when he could join us for a last minute breakfast with Santa at Conner Prairie.  By chance, they could fit us in and the kids were delighted with the surprise.  HG froze up and only said she wanted a REAL kitten.  No can do but I did give into this silly thing and only paid $24 with Amazon Prime.    Harper of course said a Doc Mobile and anything pink.  Hudson didn't cry so we considered it a success.  Plus, the pictures turned out too cute.
Breakfast was good, a lot of egg dishes.
One kid is allergic to eggs, the other doesn't eat eggs, one kid eats eggs.
Two kids ate lots of biscuits and fruit.
We might have indulged in lots of sausage links.
And bananas.
Hudson had a squeeze pouch and tons of fruit. He can't have anything with egg or milk/dairy so most of his stuff is monitored closely.
He loved watermelon ad pineapple, both were first time tries.

Harper love.
The girls got a cookie to decorate after breakfast.

Icing everywhere.
Harper had no problem making hers disappear fast.
HG's is still downstairs only 1/4 gone.  She is pretty picky about her sweets. Maybe the whole first child thing where she didn't really eat many sweets.
Harper was so proud.
Hudson was on the go.
On the go suctioned into an 18 month outfit.
Pretty little girls.

Be still my heart.

Since we are members, the kids were able to play and do crafts for a short while afterwards.
Hudson loves this tunnel

Oh my, he is such a doll.
Harper is all about playing.

The only girls in smocked Christmas dresses.
I had people wanting to buy them from me for their children.

I'm the boss man.

Exhausted.  It was nearly noon when we left and Hudson had missed his morning nap.
We were all up, showered, hair dried and out the door by 8:40.
Exhausted I tell you.
These were incredible.
Each one was so unique.
Lots of patients and people of all ages.

Breakfast with Santa was such a fun experience and hopefully will become a yearly family event.

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