Friday, September 30, 2011


This little princess is on her way here.

She called me crying yesterday.

I called Chris crying.

I sent Mia texts.

Mia saved the day.

My heart broke for her.

I just wanted to jump in the car and drive straight to her.

We have so much planned this weekend/week.

Pizza and cup cakes.


Play Doh (NEW, she gets to pick out..fancy!)

Making yarn Tangled hair.

I can't handle her nappy hair that came with it.


Rides in the wheel chair.

Yes, they make me ride in a wheel chair.

ha, I'm not that pregnant.

HG and the husband are spending the night with Grandmommy on Saturday.

I have pink roses waiting on HG in my room thanks to Grandmommy.

Pink and purple flowers and girl is in Heaven.

Goodness, we love this little sweet thing with lots of attitude.

She is really upset that the husband hasn't gotten his flu shot to keep him healthy.

Her words.

To keep him healthy.

Goodness, she is learning so young.

I bet he had one by Sunday. :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

State Fair starts today.

Texas A&M/Arkansas tomorrow.


Wizard of Oz at Bass Hall.

I've tried, all are a no go for me.

Ha, is that surprising.

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