Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The weather was amazing today here in DFW.
Since it was so nice, after playing with friends, dance, Cici's, and the Dentist, we headed to the park.
One and a half hours later, we were still having a blast at the park.
Miss Priss talking her head off.

Then cracking herself up.


So pretty.

Loves the swing.

I might have pushed her too hard and she fell out.

I know, terrible no good very bad mom.

Once she was over the fear, we laughed pretty hard and she has told everyone I threw her out of the swing.

First slide ride.

Fell asleep pretty fast on her first swing ride.

We danced and jumped with our shadows.

She heard a motorcycle and ran for her momma.

Tomorrow sounds like another warm day in our neck of the woods.


  1. I love these pictures. This weather has been so beautiful. The ones of Harper asleep in the swing are priceless. How sweet is that!

  2. Loving all these pictures!!! I want y'all to make a trip to Austin soon so I can take some pictures of miss Harper & HG! (oh, and see y'all too) ;) lol

    Hasn't this weather been insanely great?!