Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy 4 months

Oh happy 4 months our sweet thing.
You brighten our day.
Oh goodness how you brighten our day.
You are just the sweetest thing ever.
We love your squeals.
We love that you worship your sister.
I love that you say momma.
We love that you love to eat.
We love that you go with the flow.

You are sleeping well.
You are my early bird.
I keep nursing in the morning over and over hoping you fall back asleep.
Sometimes you do.
Sometimes you just puke on me from all the milk.
Sometimes I probably deserve it.
By 8, you simply turn into a pumpkin.
Last night you slept 10 hour straight.
During your shots today, you stopped crying as soon as I picked you up.
When the nurse told you what a big girl you were, big tears started flowing again.
Broke my heart.
But when she left the room, you smiled the biggest grin at me.
You just didn't want her near you.
Your doctor had nothing but great things to say.
While you are still a lil' bit as we call you, you are growing like a weed.
6 1/2 inches and 9 pounds.
You aren't much longer than Mommy and Daddy when we were born.
Measuring in at 23 1/2 inches keeps you petite and in the lower end for height.
14 pounds 3 ounces has you gaining pretty fast but still in the lower end.
Your size now has no reflection on your height as an adult, weight either.
So eat your heart out little one while you can.
Or pray you got your Poppy's metabolism. :)

You taught us that God has a plan.


  1. Such a beautiful girl! I randomly found your blog and it's so cute, new follower here! I love keeping up with other mommy blogs, especially girl-momma blogs =) ~Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood

  2. Happy 4 months to beautiful Miss Harper! Love the pictures. She is so sweet, such a miracle.