Friday, February 3, 2012


The husband and I are headed to dinner with friends, kids in tow.
That always makes for an adventure.
We never know how well they will behave.
It is always close to bedtime when we go.
Now add the high chance of rain tonight.
Maybe, just maybe we will luck out and everything will be just perfect. The girls and I had to get out today.
The walls cave in easily here.
Off to chick fil a we went.
Then to Target for pull ups and a few other things.
HG had not been wearing pull ups every single night.
Dang it, she has made Niagra Falls look like a puddle lately.

The babies I had you praying for last night, you can read about here.

One of the babies went to the be the Lord shortly after delivery.

The other who is only 23.5 weeks is breathing room air.

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  1. I love HG's red dress in that last picture. So sweet. I am still so sad for those babies and their parents. I hope the surviving one does well.