Saturday, February 18, 2012

New house

We are less than a week away from closing on our new house.
I am thrilled to get the heck out of here.

Here is our newest project.
When I say project, it is work but will be lovely when finished.
Most of the paint and the flooring will be finished before we move over.
We had planned on ripping that silly bar out but the table has been cut into the tile.
Rather than securing it to the tile, the builder cut into the tile.
The bar, yeah it is coming down.
We will just have the painter paint it and then we'll top with granite.

This is the room on the left as you enter the house.
We are going to use it as an office.
I will use all my effort to help the husband keep it tidy.
We all know he has a very messy office.
Eventually, we hope to put painted barn door or old doors on a glider to close this space.

The master is tiny and oddly shaped.
Between the smell in the house and this room, it took me seeing it 3 times before I agreed on it.
We are painting the walls a shade of blue and going with the chocolate and blue in here.
We have beautiful chocolate curtains for our wall of windows.

Our bathroom will be coconut husk.
I was scared to go with it but LOVE it.
Much to my surprise, the husband loved it just as much.

The living room.
We will have some wood thrown down, latte color on walls and goldish curtains.
I guess it curtains look bad, I'll have to search for other ones.
The wiring is very odd in this room.
The first thing that came to mind was ghetto fabulous.
This is the upstairs landing area.
For now it will be a tv/play station/sitting area for girls and us.
Might put my treadmill up there.....
It is perfect for hanging clothes to dry. Ha
In the future, this will become kids play area.

This will be our guest room.
We debated on putting the girls playroom in here since right off kitchen.
I'd love a Dutch door so I can see them.
But with a full bath next to it, the room makes since to be a guest room.
They won't have to mess with the small girls bath upstairs.
Our guests will be able to enjoy a little peace and quiet down there.

Girls bathrooms.
3 doors for this super small space.
HG wants it pink.
As in hot pink.
Yeah, not sure that will happen.
We will frame the mirror with molding unless I find one we just love.

The garage is separate from the house.
I see it as a bonus being separate for the kids.
The husbands toys and junk wont be right at our back door.
It gives them a perfect are for bikes and tricycles.
Our electric black gate will block the end of the driveway and keep kids in.

The entrance.
Lots of work huh?
We are keeping the tile for now.
I sure wish money grew on trees.
I do like tile for muddy areas so I hope I grow to love it.
The walls and ceiling will be latte with divine white molding.

This area looks pretty good but what you can't see Re the walls.
The walls in here along with the bathrooms are untextured. The previous owners just painted over the paper giving a flat and boring apparence. Our painters will texture it and paint the walls coconut husk. We have a light replacement and curtains waiting to be hung. The grout in the house has to be cleaned so I will hopefully brighten the floor in this area up quite a bit. I image I'll toss a rug down once we fully decide which table.

This shows the gate that blocks the drive.
I love it.

This is our biggest project.
It wakes me want to puke.
We will paint the walls, the cabinets, add hardware, a vent hood, a sink, new disposal, dishwasher.
I think that is it.

The girls swing set and fort.
We plan to add a little house behind it as well.
We have a large concrete slab for a patio set and grill but no cover.
We've been researching and checking out things to cover it.
Between dogs, kids, summer heat and grilling, I really think we will need a cover.

Well, that is the house in a nut shell.
The work starts next Friday.
Wish us luck.
I am trying to catch up on house hold stuff, laundry, trying to keep girls healthy and Harper out of the ER.
We picked up Camo today, had lunch with Poppy so did get out in the down pour for a bit.

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  1. This wears me out just thinking about all of the remodeling you have ahead, but if there is anyone I know that has the energy to go through with it, it's you! :) The house is beautiful. I love that grand staircase as you walk in. The iron gate out back is great too. It's a wonderful house, and I can't wait to see it.