Thursday, February 23, 2012


The packing is continuing but our closing was pushed back a week.
As in the last day we have in our lease, we close.
The husband travels like crazy in March.
Us girls get a fun trip too.
In other words, we have no idea when we will start putting the house in order.
Most stuff is in storage.
Goodness, it is a mess.

Harper love is feeling better, shouldn't be contagious anymore after the weekend. Her diapers are terrible, I am flying through LUVS and pampers. Her cough, it is just terrible too. She did get to taste some mashed potatoes and love them. Doesn't everyone?

HG is HG. She went back to school today. I think that was her third time all month. Goodness, sickness leave us!

Really, nothing fun to report.
I exercised tonight for the first time in ages.
I can't seem to find time.
We have been sticking around the house a lot.
Might get out this weekend more and just use Harper's cloth carrier or cover for her seat. That way IF she is still highly contagious, it will stay in her area.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear Harper is doing better, but that stinks about the diapers! I wanted to text you to meet us for cupcakes today, but we did it spur of the moment. We weren't even close, but we drove over there anyway. Harper in that black skirt and bow....adorable! Love her.

    Sorry about the closing date being pushed back. That bites. It seems like that always happens! ugh.