Monday, February 6, 2012


The sickness has made its round once again into our house hold.
Still praying the husband and I can beat the odds again and remain well.
Hailey Grace has a bad case of bronchitis and a crazy runny nose.
Harper has double ear infections and a head cold.
Poor babies.
Both on antibiotics.
Both different antibiotics.
Both 10 days, twice a day.
Surely this will cover all.
HG was 40 pounds even.
Harper was 14 pounds even.
We go for a recheck in a week and 4 month shots.

Harper love is enjoying her rice.

Probably a little too much.

If 6 o'clock rolls around and you haven't filled her belly with some cereal, she is sure to let you know.

I was feeding her while working on our squash, asparagus and sauted mushrooms.

She wasn't a fan when the different items needed a stirring.

The squeals and the growls.

Goodness, she is gaining a personality. Even though HG was running 100 F fever and under the weather, she still managed to earn her stay. She cleans the potty every 5 days and loves it. Like, she cleans the whole potty. After the scrubbing, she puts on my gloves and we wipe down the entire thing with clorox wipes.
On the way to the dr today, we had to run an errand. There was a massive waterfall in this 18 story building. I think HG could have stayed there forever.
It was so nice coming home from the doctor and having the place smell like slow cooker chicken.

I picked up a big chicken for $5 at Sprouts and we will get plenty out of it.

I love a slow cooked chicken.

Tonight, we had it with vegetables and bread.

Tomorrow, chicken fettucini with spinach pasta for dinner and chicken salad with fruit for lunch.

I'm sure the husband will get a chicken biscuit meal out of it too.

All that meat for $5!

Speaking of Sprouts, their fruit and vegetables are priced so nicely right now conpared to all the other Southlake stores.

My fridge is full of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, bananas and oranges.

I made fruit salad tonight and put in containers for each day.

(As I sit here eating my second brownie sundae)

I feel like all I do it eat.

For some reason, my body requires so many calories while breast feeding.

I'm talking like 3 times what a normal person should eat in a day.

It is craziness.


  1. On no! I hope you all feel better! The picture of your daughter cleaning up the toilet is priceless. We were all sick here too last week! Feel better!

  2. I love that HG cleans the toilet, and loves doing it! I hope you guys are well soon. That stinks. That many meds for that many days is hard to do. Your fruit sounds good. I bought a big thing of blueberries at Costco, but couldn't find strawberries. As I drove by Sprouts, I knew I should have stopped. darn.

  3. Sounds like our fridges are both filled with the same stuff right now! ha! Except I don't have any $5 chicken in mine--- what a deal!

    And Harper looks SO MUCH like HG in that picture.