Monday, February 20, 2012


I finally started packing.
Packed the girls bathroom and scrubbed it squeaky clean.
Started on the kitchen and living room but not sure where to go with boxes.
We will start moving over on Thursday or Friday.
Unsure when we will actually sleep there.
I guess it depends on the paint smell.
Our granite counters won't be put in until end of March.
I guess it was wishful thinking they could be cut and installed in one week.

Harper love has spent a little time in Cooks Children's lately.
Two different ER visits.
Two different ER's.
We are already talking tubes at four months.
Her plumbing as the dr put it, isn't working.
Three double ear infections in four months.
I want to hold off a little longer but poor baby hurts.
Then add rotavirus and a possible uti, you have a sad baby.
Two tired parents and a delirious 3 year old.

HG doesn't have school tomorrow.
She didn't go last Thursday.
We wrapped baby gifts today and HG wants another sister.
She better not tell her daddy I told her.
She giggled.
I think most men wish for a son at one point or another.

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